Thursday, June 26, 2014

Creative Dance Sessions with Miss Washington

We have been having dance sessions 
with Miss Washington.

First, she teaches us what we are going to have to learn and try out. Sometimes, we have to learn new words like: locomotive, shadowing, collapse, props...and lots more.

Then we try out some of our moves with friends all around the hall. This is fun but we also have to think HARD about what we are doing.

When we have got our dance sequence worked out, we demonstrate it to our friends. Sometimes they give us some more ideas to try and sometimes they try our ideas in their own sequences.

We have REALLY REALLY enjoyed our Creative Dance with Miss Washington.
Most of us hope that we can do it again all of next term, too!!

Thank you Miss Washington for all of your hard work. Your music was really jazzy and we liked the way that you danced with us.

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