Sunday, June 29, 2014

Masks and Actors


One of our Literacy Challenges has been to find out about MASKS.
We discovered many interesting historical facts about HOW, WHY, WHEN, WHO, WHERE masks were used.
Our challenge was to design and create our own mask using some of the information which we had discovered.
As you can see, there were a great variety of masks created.
Although we began by thinking of a mask suitable to wear as our character within the play we were presenting, this soon changed as our ideas and imaginations began to work.

We soon realised that there are challenges involved in MAKING a mask:

  • it has to fit onto your face
  • you have to be able to see through the eye holes
  • it has to stay in place while you talk and move around
  • it has to be able to come off again

We  also found that it was quite tricky to make the eyeholes. When we worked together, we found several different ways which were successful.

 It was a great challenge and we enjoyed the whole process.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's the little things....

Rabbit says.....

Creative Dance Sessions with Miss Washington

We have been having dance sessions 
with Miss Washington.

First, she teaches us what we are going to have to learn and try out. Sometimes, we have to learn new words like: locomotive, shadowing, collapse, props...and lots more.

Then we try out some of our moves with friends all around the hall. This is fun but we also have to think HARD about what we are doing.

When we have got our dance sequence worked out, we demonstrate it to our friends. Sometimes they give us some more ideas to try and sometimes they try our ideas in their own sequences.

We have REALLY REALLY enjoyed our Creative Dance with Miss Washington.
Most of us hope that we can do it again all of next term, too!!

Thank you Miss Washington for all of your hard work. Your music was really jazzy and we liked the way that you danced with us.

Sir Henry Havelock

We have been finding out about flags.

This is a standard which was presented to our school by Sir Henry Havelock's family.
Havelock, Havelock North and our school are all named after Sir Henry Havelock.
He was a very brave soldier from England who fought in the battles in India for England.

We know that he was from England because we recognised the flag which he is carrying - 
the red cross on the white background 
- the flag of St George, the Patron Saint of England.

George was the guy who was supposed to have killed off the last dragon in England!!!

The standard shows Sir Henry on his horse, in his armour and carrying his standard.
We think that he must have been very strong to be able to carry a standard 
AND a sword 
AND be wearing armour made from metal 
AND be riding his horse 

His motto is 
He Carries his Cross Bravely.

Kites with Mrs Mill

We have learned how to weave wool around and back and forth and through and over and under and all sorts!!!!
We made kites with Mrs Mill.

We had to use two pieces of wood and lots of wool.

It was quite tricky at first to get the rhythm right and to make sure that we were going the proper way. 
But once we got it, it was such fun!

We are proud of our work because it took a lot of effort and lots of concentration.

Oliver made FIVE kites!!!!!

Some cultures call these shapes God's Eye.
Can you find out why?????

Our Fitness Work

We can sssssttttttrrrrrreeeeettttcccchhhhhh!!!!

We can swivel AND stretch!

We can swing and sway!

We listen to instructions
and share our best efforts with each other.

We can touch our toes and then swing up high!

Even higher!!!

We can jump on the spot and land lightly on our feet!

Even our teachers having been getting fit with us!

Our classmates have been leading us in our fitness work.
They start us off by explaining the particular fitness activities which have been chosen for the day.
They demonstrate so that we understand, too.
Then, at the end of our circuit, we all get back together so that the leaders for the day are able to summarize our efforts and suggest ways in which we can improve.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Elijah's Bird

Elijah made this amazing bird! 
He had to make a base shape first out of tinfoil and then glued on feathers which he made. He has PROMISED to teach us all how to do this! 
It will be great fun to learn.

Rock and Roll dancing

Today Miss R brought two medals in. 

Then Mrs Wong found a Rock'n'roll video from YouTube. 

Mr J wanted to learn the dance, so Miss R taught Mr J to dance! 

THEN just about all of room seven joined in.

We were Rock'n'Rolling the whole morning!    
By Miss R and Mr J                      

Monday, June 16, 2014

Learning and Practising the essential skills of Indoor Basketball

We are very lucky because we are having skills lessons with Coach Theo of the HAWKS basketball team. 
Now we have to practise all that we have learned. Mum and Dad will be sure to want to help, too!!!

Tough Kids

We are proud of these people from our class who took part in the recent Tough Guy and Gal Challenge. Jack has won the karate tournament for the national competition.