Thursday, May 29, 2014

What an apple!

My apple is so BIG that I can barely hold it!!! 
How long will you think it will take for me to eat it.?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Making fruit kebabs

On  Friday...we  made  kebabs. 
We  put  oranges on the  kebabs  &  marshmallows.
We  also  put  cheese,  peppers (capsicums)  & celery.
THEN  we  ate  the  kebabs AND all of the leftovers before we  went  to  play.

We got the idea from the Readers Group. 
They read a book called 'Hedgehog Fun'. 
That taught us what we had to do, so we followed their instructions for the recipe.

They were yummy!!!

Room 7 Goes To CAMP

Room 7 will be going to the National Aquarium tomorrow to stay the night .You will  see fish, crabs, crayfish. It will smell funny in the Aquarium. I wonder if fish sleep at night?


We were the only ones that did the gardens. We got all the weeds out from the gardens and now we are gardeners. Before we started it, we were excited.

My secret island

In the middle of the ocean I found a secret island. All of my friends could ride on motor bikes and scooters. We got to swim every day in the sunshine or in the moon light. There were banana trees, pineapples and coconuts. 

Basketball Skills

Today, was our first session with Coach Theo.
We have started to learn the main ball handling skills which you use in basketball.
Coach Theo is the assistant coach for the HAWKS basketball team. He is awesome! He can spin the basketball on his finger - ONE FINGER!!!

NOW we have to practise what Coach taught us!!!!

Our Learning Adventures at the Rocky Shore in Ahuriri, Napier.

At the shore where the settlers' ships used to tie up.

Finding treasures created by Mother Nature!

We found several different types of starfish,
many of which were different colours and sizes.

These are some of the old wharf piles.
Now they are home for marine creatures.

Can you find some of the fossils within this photograph?
Are you able to identify them?

Thanks to the staff of the National Aquarium, Te Whare o Tangaroa,
who helped us learn more about the marine environment.

Jump Jam

We are starting to learn JUMP JAM as part of our fitness programme this term. 
Good fitness makes great brains!!!!!
This photo shows some of our class practising the moves before we taught it to Room 6. 
It made us mmmmoooovvveeee!!!!!!       :-)

Monday, May 5, 2014


There is a new girl in our class called Kyla
She is from Wellington and used to go to Pauatahanui School.
It's great to have another person on our class!
BUT... this is NOT Kyla!!!!