Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our bird bath!

We made a bird bath out of bricks and a container. We had to wash it with soap, a sponge, even a scrubber to  scrub all of the dirt away . Then we dug a hole in the ground and put the bricks into the ground. Then we put the container on top of the bricks and now we we have the bird bath! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Learning at the aquarium

We are enjoying finding out about the animals who live within the tidal zones at the rocky shore. There are many more animals there than what we had realised.


We have created some amazing funamils while we have been learning about the critters at the aquarium!

Monday, April 14, 2014

This is room 7s garden

This is our garden! We are J. O. T. We all planted these plants on Monday. They are spinach plants for Grandma  McGarvey to make into cakes.

 By JOT - the chief gardeners 

Our D Plants

These are Draylon and Daniels' growing plants.
We planted them in a D shape. Look how big they have grown...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Goodbye - haere ra.

We were saddened to lose Vide last week. Vide has left New Zealand to travel back home to Sweden with his family. Vide was looking forward to seeing his grandparents again.

We have all enjoyed Vide's company and he, in turn, has helped us to learn about his country.

Our best wishes for safe travels go to Vide, his brother and parents. We know that we will hear from him through emails as he starts school in Malmo.

Congratulations to our duathlon champs!

Priya and Stefanie represented our school AND our class at the Inter-School Duathlon which was held recently at Frimley Park. They had worked hard to be included in the HNP team and practised their skills during the weekends and after school.

We are all very proud to announce that they came FIRST in the Year 3 Girls' race - with a friend from another class.

Well done, girls - you have showed us all what needs to be done to gain a place in a competition. BUT more importantly, you demonstrated a quiet pride and modesty in your win.

Card Champ!

This week, Elijah has been sharing some of his many and varied skills with the people of Room 7.

He has taught several people a really catchy tune on the piano - which sounds delightful even when four people are playing at the same time!

Elijah has also been sharing some of his card tricks. 

  Here are photos to prove his skill and to challenge others to attempt the same - or higher.....

Monday, April 7, 2014

Our poetry ideas...

Last week, we were following a format for writing poetry which used the days of the week and our senses.

  • There is repetition at the start of each line because you use the same day.
  • Then there are the different senses on separate lines.
  • Sometimes, we put the adjectives in front of the words 
  • Sometimes, we put the adjectives after the words - with a hyphen

Here are a few of our favourite phrases:

On Wednesday, I will see 
                              Dylan - funny and kind  (Olive)
                              the hot bright sun (Priya)
                              some pukekos (Draylon)
                              my friends - funny and caring (Ruby)

On Wednesday, I will smell
                  the yummy nuts (Charlie)
                  chocolate cake baking (Luka)
                  porridge - creamy and sweet (Gabby)

On Wednesday, I will hear
                   my dog barking (Stefanie)
                   loud shouting (Dylan)
                   a big fat bee (Elijah)
                   a violin playing (Ranui)

On Wednesday, I will feel
                   the soft ground under my feet (Dylan)
                   a smooth pole (Claudia)

On Wednesday, I will taste
                 a pineapple jelly (Claudia)
                yummy crackers for morning tea (Emily)
                a huge thick blanket (Elijah)

On Wednesday, I will think about
             how happy I will be (Tamish)
             my Mummy (Luka)
              fishes in the ocean (Charlie)
              my baby sister (Kalae)

On Wednesday, I will be happy because
               I get to fly helicopters off our balcony (Draylon)
               I was early to school (Priya)

Have a go - especially on a day that you're not too sure about!!!

Check out the poems of Kenn Nisbett>>>>>>>>>>

He writes poetry especially for kids
      - and grown-ups who have a sense of humour!

There is one on our sites to check.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Some of Our Pets

Our friends are special 
BUT our pets are often our very best friends.

This is Ruby's cat which her brother is making look like a tiger!!
Watch out, Daniel!!!!

Can you find Oliver's kitten hiding with her friends?

Meet Oliver's dog, Tui.
He is called that because he looks like a tui - well, his colouring does, anyway!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

What's my name?????

I am holding my kitten. He likes to bite my finger 
when I sleep. 

From Oliver

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our class!

Here we are!!!!
All 23 of us!!!
What an amazing bunch of people.

Elijah works with patterns.

Elijah ..
By using cubes, we are learning to make patterns. We make repeating patterns or sequential patterns.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tena koutou katoa!

Finally!!! I'm Mrs Wong and at long last, I am able to say HI to you all!
It is great to be getting to know you and your families.

Hello! I am Miss Greatbatch.
It's been fun having you all to myself while Mrs Wong was in hospital!