Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The hot air balloon at our school

On Tuesday a hot air came to our school to celebrate  the 150th jubilee of HNP.
It didn't, however, go off the ground. On the side it said "Hawke's Bay Wine Country".
Some people got to go inside the basket.  

When you were standing underneath the balloon you could see inside it. There were lots of ropes hanging inside. Even when you were standing outside the basket, you could still feel the heat when the woman pulled the lever.

The hot air balloon to start of the 150th Jublie


Yesterday we had the hot air balloon at our school to start of the 150th Jublie. It was animus and hot we got to go in side it's basket when it was half deflated we got to walk inside the balloon luckily they not puff the flames when we were inside it looked like a circus tent that winds your eyes round and round,
(As you can see in the picture)
Written by:
Macy and Kate

Monday, September 23, 2013

The dudes find out about sailing from Rm 1 sailors

Room 1 went sailing on Monday morning - the first of the groups to go from our school. Although it was a really sunny day, there was not enough wind to use the sails so they all had to ROW!!!!!!.
Celeb and Alexis can be seen sharing their experiences with the Whanau.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Optimist Yachting - preparation!

During the day - not only were we learning how to manoeuvre a blo-kart around the astro-turf, but we were also learning the essentials for sailing the Optimist yachts next week.

We had several races to see who was the fastest to tie a bowline correctly - Luke won, but Laura was the fastest girl.
Everybody is now able to tie both a bowline and a figure of eight knot - we need both for the rope on the mainsail.

The tricky part came when we had to learn how to rig the yacht for sailing. Mrs Wong demonstrated the basics for us first and then Mr David taught us the rest...

By the afternoon session, we were ALL able to rig the yacht with our group AND dismantle it all ready for the next group.

NOW we're ready for sailing......

Hmmmm. What is this for???????????
I know it goes around again somehow....

What are you doing???

Mr David explains what a centreboard does to wee David!!!

One group of mermaids!

A bevvy of mermen!

Anchors away!!!!

Whanau Whitu goes Blo-Karting

Today, 18. September, Whanau Whitu learned how to assemble and sail a blo-kart!
          It was the most amazing fun!!

Mrs Wong's brother-in-law, David brought his blo-kart to school to help us understand more about sailing. We learned to rig the kart, steer it, use safety equipment (crash helmets, safety belts, distance, etc ) and how to 'read' the wind to make the kart go faster or slower.

All of these lessons will be helpful when we go Optimist Yachting next Wednesday at Pandora Pond in Napier.
As you can see by the expressions on people's faces, it was a great experience!!!

... and, of course, our time on the Turf involved all aspects of maths, science, language, the KCs, etc, etc, etc...    ;-)

Mr David teaches James how to steer...
Mr David explains how to assemble the blo-kart.
Paige is off!!!!

Maddie on the mooooove!!!!!

Georgia negotiates a corner!
Marcus muddles and moves faster than he thought!!!

Wee David looking VERY pleased with himself - and so he should!
Abigail learning that it really IS FUN!!!!

We're here to help if you need us!!!

Optimist Yachting By Chloe

Optimist Yachting

Next week, on Wednesday, our class room 7 will be going optimist yachting.

Today we went out in groups to practise rigging it up! I went with: Georgia, Angela, Laura, Harriet, Olivia and myself. It was a little bit hard to put all of the different types of knots together.

When we go sailing we will be sailing at Pandora Pond!
When we go sailing, we will be very lucky because all the yachts are new!

The yachts are now orange and are made out of  fibre glass.
The old ones were made out of wood with fibre glass over the top!

I can't wait to go sailing!

By Chloe Rogers

Optimist yachting by Georgia

Optimist yachting
Next week Whanau Whitu are going to go optimist yachting. Our class got a yacht to practise with. The yachts are brand new.

Today we had to learn two different knots that we will need to use to put the yacht together.

We went together in groups of six to rig the boat without Mrs Wong. The hardest part is when you have to tie lots of knots to keep the sail from swinging too badly and to hold it on the yacht.

The yacht is bright orange and is made of fibre glass. The sails have to be carefully put on otherwise they might fall off of the yacht. My favourite part is when you have to thread all the ropes through the pulley.

I can't wait to go sailing !!!

Blow carting

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Ranfurly Shield - at home in The Bay....

 As promised...

photographs of Harvey
and his family
the Ranfurly Shield!

Our man-on-the-spot, Harvey, managed to get some great photos of the players
and especially 
some close-ups
of the shield itself.

A budding reporter in the making! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The last of our calendar creations

Chloe and Georgia's science

Today room seven did a science project with Mrs O'Leary!

We put together wires, batteries, light bulb holders, light bulbs and switches to make our light bulb shine! It was great fun!
Georgia, Macy and I (Chloe), put one together with each other, and it only takes steady hands to do it!

You also have to be careful when you make them because you get zapped! Ouch!

I really hope that we can do even more awesome science experiments! There are whole lot of ideas rolling round in my head!

From Georgia and Chloe :)

Lola went to the Ranfurly Shield Parade...

Lola went with her family to watch the Ranfurly Shield Parade in Hastings. She was lucky enough to see most of the Hawkes Bay Team AND even meet some of them!!
Go the Magpies!!!!

Here are our digital creations...

Here are some more examples of our calendar/card/notebook art for you to peruse. Enjoy. The order forms should be through for you all soon.