Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chloe's Kitten

We have all thoroughly enjoyed watching this video of Chloe's kitten and we hope that you will, as well!

Newsletter from Rosemary - Term 1, Week 1

Hello to you all,
I hope that you have been able to spend some of the last fortnight with your child/ren and enjoyed the break.
I know that so many of the students (and staff and parents) were sick at the end of the term, and I am hoping that this term will prove to be a healthy one - for all of us!
Personally, I have my fingers crossed that my moonboot may come off this Tuesday....
It is a short term of nine weeks, but with many interesting topics to be covered, we shall be busy. The school celebrations are fast approcahing also, so there will be involvement for us all in that.
Please ensure that your child knows when their sporting and musical practices are - and that they have the necessary equipment. There is one lonely guitar in the classroom which has not been practised on for a fortnight.
In Maths, we shall be covering Measurement: Time and Temperature in the next two weeks.
Within this, the students will be learning to read the time on both analogue and digital clocks; add time (twenty minutes after 3:12pm); covert analogue to digital and vice versa.
They will also be learning to read data from a temperature gauge in Celsius.
Within the first few weeks:-
In writing, we shall be concentrating on writing informal/friendly letters .
Spelling this term will consist of words which the individual student has had difficulty with or some set as a challenge.
Reading will be based around 'chapter books' - both fiction and non-fiction.
Kind regards to you all.