Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our Assembly Presentation - Friday, 21. June, 2013

Our sincere thanks to those of you
who braved the inclement weather
to attend assembly on Friday
and share
our learning with us.
This was just a snapshot of our work,
as you will appreciate.

I have been trying to publish the powerpoint here on the blog but need to call in some expert help. As soon as this is possible, I shall do so.
It was unfortunate that not every student in the whanau was able to be involved this time.
However, you will be able to find them
within the photo montage.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sister Stella

Sister Stella 

Sister Stella,
soil and seeds
are crashing down
into the drain.

Sister Stella,
white roots growing
out of the steel silver
concrete -  
Were they your veges?

Sister Stella,
the sun is dying,
even your lemon
are collapsing.

Sister Stella,
how can you stay
when all your soil
is rolling away?  


Rain drops all around
    fear for falling on the ground
They pound on the roof
    they pound on the ground
We run all around
    we stick out our tongues
but the rain misses
    and drops to the ground

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Grandad Frank

Grandad Frank
is your mobility scooter 
fun when you drive

Grandad Frank
do you race
Nana Dina down the
drive way and

Grandad Frank
it must be nice
having freedom
on your mobility

Grandad Frank
please be watchful
for people on the

Wednesday, June 12, 2013



Have you ever slipped out at midnight
when all you can see is black and white?

When every thing you hear or see
gives you the shiver - even though it is

Have you ever crept out at night when
you faintly hear the howls of mystery?

Written by Marcus in the style of Marci Ridlon's 'Summer'

The rainbow garden at dawn

                The Rainbow Garden at Dawn

Have you ever skipped out at early morning
when the sun has just woken up
and it’s huge and bright ?
When your garden is an endless colourful rainbow
and the yellow roses
are many suns?
Have you ever
skipped out at dawn
to a colourful world of
rainbow colours?

by Olivia

 Written in the Style of Marci Ridlon's Summer


Mum -
Why are you riding
your bike

Mum -
It feels cool
when we’re
really fast.

Mum -
I like it
when I put
the big helmet on.

Mum -
Why are you
not taking me
for another

By Marcus in the style of Alan Bagnall



Mrs Pinker
toothpaste and floss
are running low,
into the sink.

Mrs Pinker
white teeth
are turning
Will you get us more supplies?

Mrs Pinker
our teeth our acking
the kids are crying
please help us.

Mrs Pinker
please can you help
our teeth will start rotting.,

by Olivia

Whales and Sharks!!!!

Whales and Sharks

Whales and sharks
Whales and sharks
Whales and sharks everywhere
Whales in the rubbish bins and
Sharks in the air
We ran to the window
We ran to the door
We carried in all the whales and sharks
which squashed our house even more.




Cats and Dogs
Cats and Dogs
Cats and Dogs all around
Cats in the puddles and
Dogs on the ground
we ran to the window
we ran to the door
we carried in the cats and dogs
which ran around the floor.

By Marcus



Greg P.S George

Greg -

cardboard and him

rocketing down the hillside into

soft green grass


his face smacks the ground

did that hurt?


the grass is growing slippery

apples are falling


can't you get up?
It's not that bad!

man up!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kapa Haka groups join together

This afternoon, Whanau Whitu joined with the Junior Kapa Haka group to begin learning a waiata for the 150th Celebrations. Mrs Henare and Mrs Allen teach the Junior group. Mrs Henare played the guitar to help us learn the waiata.

The boys are supposed to be practising making scary faces in the mirror so that they are able to look fearsome, brave warriors!

Sophia and her Mum have found the song for us on YouTube. Practise along with the tamariki of this kohanga.

Uncle Marcus' Farm

Uncle Marcus
why is your farm
such a pigsty?

Uncle Marcus
why are the paddocks
full of hay?

Uncle Marcus
why did you buy
a farm?
Uncle Marcus
why did you buy
a farm,
 the banks are
slipping off.
            Written by Cooper in the style of Alan Bagnall's EROSION.


Children all everywhere
Children on the playground
Children in the air
Then the bell rang
They ran to the door
They all came inside 
And rolled
On the floor
WRITTEN BY Georgia Kain in the style of Alan Bagnall's poem, HAILSTONES!


Sun shining on the puddles
Sun on the roof
sun shining all around
we shuffled to the fan
we walked to the apple tree
we carried in a picture of the sun
which swooped and
landed on the ground.

A poem written by Angela in the style of Alan Bagnall's HAILSTONES

Dance - Thoughts shared by Olivia

Something interesting about me is I    LOVE     DANCE.

I do Ballet and I have been very successful over the years. I started Ballet when I was 3. We moved down here (to Hawkes Bay) when I was 4.  I started at a nice place called k studio where the teachers were very nice. When I was 7, I got asked to do comp dancing!
How often do you dance? 

4 days a week after school.
What are the competitions like?
Well it's nerve-wracking and back stage it's very hot and tense. In the dressing rooms, it's crowded and there are lots of mums and tutus.

 What is your favourite dance ?
Well it would probably be my classical because it was the first dance I learned. From the time I learned it, I've really liked it

 What has your favourite prize/award been?
When I got most promising dancer because it shows how much work you put in to your dancing and it really pays off!

                         When I was 3                                                                                              Barefoot


My first trophy                                        character
With Sir John Trimmer


Monday, June 10, 2013

The three muskeeters

Today, three Year Six boys from room 5: Juan, Harry and Caleb came to visit Room 7 because the leaders went to Wellington for Young Leaders' Day. We had to stay the whole day in Room 7 - it was super duper fun. But, we had to do maths all morning before morning tea. WOW!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rosemary's Newsletter for Term 2, Week 6 - My apologies, the photos are not coming through!

Room 7 – Whanau Whitu.
Havelock North Primary.
09. June, 2013
Term 2 – Week 6
Tena koutou katoa –
               Hello everybody.
Welcome to the new week.
 On Thursday, you may have heard, that we used some of our whanau grown spinach, lettuce, carrot tops and rocket to make salads. We combined these ingredients with some extras to make it tastier and most were consumed. Harvey’s pet worms enjoyed any left overs!
As Georgia had baked a delicious chocolate cake for us all, that became our second course, and was consumed with pleasure! Thanks, Georgia!
The enthusiasm shown by the majority of the students for their projects about sustainability is infectious! They are displaying a depth of knowledge and continuing care for their plants, worm families and organic sprays. Thank you to you all for your invaluable help with this topic.
I have invited myself to view a couple of the LARGER efforts which have been retained at your homes, so I shall be in touch for a time suitable to visit. I drink coffee!!!!
I sincerely hope that this will continue to be an on-going source of learning for all involved.
A reminder that Learning Conferences are to be held during weeks 8 and 9, before the end of this term. Do ensure that you have made your booking online as soon as it opens!
The children and I shall be preparing for these throughout the next two weeks, so that they will be able to share their learning with you.
We are learning and/or reviewing how to phrase a ‘good’ question. I have been further studying the ideas which Bloom (of Bloom’s Taxonomy fame – red hats, etc) suggests to help students to ask more meaningful questions. These in turn, should result in more thorough answers.
Mrs Amanda Allen (Room 17) and I have been working together to increase our students’ understanding of good questioning. We have already found how this works for the students in many areas of the curriculum.
Hopefully, this will not result in your child asking you deeper, more meaningful questions at bedtime!!
                Plus many extra sites….
This week:

Maths is continuing to focus on algebra – the equations.
The main idea for this week is to understand that both sides of an equation must ‘balance’ be equal / the same.  eg  20 x n = 40 x 30    What does the n stand for?
Their group mathematical computer based activities will be focussed on algebra to further their understanding of the topics we are covering and also the language used.
Reading will continue to be focussing on the students’ ability to:
  • Choose texts to read on their own
  • Use these texts to read for longer periods of time.
  • š Read fluently with appropriate expression.

The students have chosen their own groupings and will be working with these for the next few weeks.

Writing will be further based around Alan Bagnall’s poetic writing. The students are beginning to recognise features of his writing and are adapting them for their own use.


The spelling list this week is based on nouns which can be verbs.

  • Would you do the baking for the baking table?
  • How far can you bike on your new bike?
It has been pleasing to note the increased number of students who are able to remember their spelling lists after several weeks – they have really learned their spelling and will be able to use the words within their own writing.

Unfortunately, if your child is only able to remember their words for the day a test is expected, then they have not attained mastery which was the reason for learning them.

Online learning:

The class have both activities and challenges to complete using Sumdog.

I have limited the games which the students are able to use to build up their challenge points. Too many are keeping to the tried, true and known games rather than extending their repertoire!


I must apologise to the boys this week: I thought that I had a lot of your photos to share from the ipad, but they are not reciprocating with this computer. Next week, I promise to include photos of you as your parents (and I ) have never seen you before thanks to photosync….

Please feel free to make contact with me at any stage if you wish to discuss your child, their learning or their socialising at school. You all have the school telephone number and my email address.

Take care.
Kind regards,