Wednesday, May 29, 2013


snow falling light as a feather
they say its forecast for the weather.
whit as chalk thick as leather
it doesn't get much better.   



By Lola



It feels soft but cold
It clear pale white but freezing
It dulls apple fresh but still cold
It tastes ice cold so its still freezing

By Tom Murphy
           Snowballs hit my face freezing,

           Fun refreshing snow clears my mind,

           Rain sieves itself on to the snow and licks it away.

           Lawson Gillies

Sunday, May 26, 2013


In room 7, we have been learning about Sustainability.
As a project we all went home and did a small project that related to our Sustainability topic.

Georgia made a small worm farm.
She used a jam jar , some paper, food scraps, some old tights and of course - WORMS! When the worms had fertilized the soil,  she put the soil in a pot mixed with some other soil. She planted mustard seeds in the soil.
When mustard seeds are fully grown, you dig a large hole and put the mustard plants in it. When they die and will give your other plants good nutrients.


Guess what???? At the end of the term, my guitar group is going to do an end of term performance. Lots of other groups will do it too. We are doing a really cool song, 'Let her go' by Passenger, so we're practising very very very hard.

It's really fun playing guitar -  you should try it! Charlie is really cool and kind. :-)

Writing with Mrs Gill

Let's talk about writing.
At school , we have been doing writing groups. What that means is that the year five and six kids have been switching classrooms and writing storyies with different teachers. I'm in Room Two with Mrs Gill and if you were at our school you would have a chance of being in room 1, 2, 5, 7 or 15.
We're writing about Gavin Biship's poem Toad in the Hole. We're taking that and making it in to our own version. My poem is about Strawberry Supremo - my one of a kind dessert. We have to include the ingredients,  the utensils and speech. We have started our writing and are nearly half way there. We did all of that in two weeks and guess what - we only have five more weeks left! 

Writing with Mr/s Field

  • Mrs Field is my writing teacher. 
  • Last week Mrs Field was dressed up like a man. 
  • Last week, all we  did were sentences with conversation. 
  • Today  we learned about  confversation  marks. 


In the weekend of 18 - 19 May, I had a gym comp, a gymnastics comp, it was really good, I had to do Bar,Beam,floor,Vault. My friend Laura took lots of photos and videos here is one of Harriet doing bar, hope you like it .

Bar is my favourite!
It was really fun. It was the first competition for the year and I got 6 over all out of 50 people in my age. My friend Laura and  my teacher Mrs Wong and my family all came to support me and I was really happy.
Harriet's beam was really cool because she had to do a hand stand , forward roll and split leaps and it was really cool!!

Luke's writing sesion

On Wednesday after morning tea we would go to another class for a writing session. It is going on for the whole of Term Two. 
I go to Mrs Gills class'where we are focusing on Gavin Biship's story - Toad in a Hole.
We are writing about a special  drink or a dish of food. I'm doing a chocolate sundae.
Here are some of the people in Mrs Gill's class from our class: Olivia, George,  Georgia, Aidan, Chloe plus me. We haven't done much so far but I think we are getting to that part soon though. We have only done two weeks so we have got five more weeks left. We had to include speech, ingredients and utensils. 
Believe it or not - it is actually really fun.

Rosemary's Newsletter for Term 2 - Week 4

Room 7 – Whanau Whitu
Havelock North Primary



Tena kotou katoa – Greetings to you all –
Welcome to my newsletter for Week 4.

The students’ efforts and understanding of what makes a sustainable garden are developing them into focussed and interested citizens of tomorrow. As they present their findings to the class, most are able to demonstrate their depth of knowledge on their chosen topic.

It is disappointing that some of the students have not yet begun their work on this topic. The challenge was set for them by Mrs O’Leary before the Easter break and this is part of the curriculum which has been set for them to complete as an assessment. If your child has not made a start on this work, please explain the importance of set assignments to them.

This Wednesday is planned to be a planning day for the Senior Team teachers. Mrs O’Leary will be with the class as usual. I will be in school, but not in the classroom.

We have begun the Jump Rope challenge – as you are probably aware. This is a great foundation to be part of and I encourage you to challenge your child to discover how many jumps they are completing daily!

You will note on the sponsorship form that there are two ways to sponsor your child/grandchild/etc.  The first is to pay a set amount per skip – the second is to pay a set amount for the day. Whichever you decide, we thank you sincerely.

When the actual date is confirmed, times for each class will also be publicised. It would be great if you were able to come for a short while to encourage your child while they are skipping – we even have longer ropes if you would like to join in!!!!

Kapahaka has begun with real enthusiasm. Our thanks must go to Marja Matthews who is sharing her knowledge and expertise in this area again. We are very fortunate to have Marja as she shares with the children not only the music and actions but also the history of the songs and her culture.

If anybody is able to assist us by playing a guitar to help, we would be grateful. Kapahaka is between 12:30 and 1:00pm each Wednesday.

This week: -
 In numeracy, we shall complete the unit on measurement in which we have been concentrating on the aspects of length and area. This week, we shall work together to understand the correlation between centimetres and metres, etc and how the multiplication tables are able to assist with this.

The main tables to be learned this week are the 4x and 8x, many of which they should already know.

Writing is working with poetic formats. This week, we shall be considering the work of a Wellington poet, Alan Bagnall. By using his work as a model, the students will find the way in which he has used words to convey his ideas and we shall base our personal writing on his.

 Reading will be focussed around two main aspects: play reading and personal reading for a sustained period of time.

The students are in groups and have been practising reading plays, now they will present these to the class.

The second aspect of sustained reading is to encourage the students to read independently for longer periods of time and then to be able to discuss what they have read.

Spelling will be based around prefixes.  These are the parts which are added to the front of a word to alter its meaning. eg re added to a word means again.

I was pleased with the general improvement of the students’ spelling learning last week. It was obvious that the majority of them had learned their lists AND were using the knowledge gleaned within their writing. Thanks for your support.

A reminder that this coming weekend is Queen’s Birthday,
                                                  so there will be no school on Monday, 03. June.


Take care,


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Basketball with Cooper

Hi everyone -

On Tuesday at Basketball on my first game, I scored the first 2 hoops/goals for our team. 
Had a great game!
Tim and Harvey were our top goal scorers (and stealers) and were our players of the day.
Can't wait til next weeks game. 
- Cooper

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ms McNeill's writing group

I'm in Ms McNeil's writing class!!!!!!!
In the last  two weeks,  I've written a poem about my busy family, and my epic dog - George. I can't believe that I'm in a new class!!!!
It's good that I've got a friend in the same writing class, it's so much fun.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Acrostic Poems written to describe Te Mata o Rongokako

Teeth as hard as diamonds

Ears as large as a small tree trunk

Meets chief’s daughter and falls in love

As large as a huge mountain

Talks like thunder

As strong as boulders

-       Georgia


Te Mata fell in love with Hinerakau

Enormous giant!

Massive teeth

Annoying the chief and his people


A small village

-       Chloe


Tall as a skyscraper

Enormously huge

Mouth as big as a water melon

Teeth as strong as diamonds

A body as big as a bulldozer

Te Mata o Rongokako


Tall as a skyscraper


Mouth as wide as a cave

Arrogant giant

Te Mata the giant

A sleeping giant:

       Te Mata o Rongokako

-       Macy


Teeth as sharp as a knife

Eyes full of mischief

Muscles as strong as diamonds

Ankles as big as a classroom

Toes the size of a man

A man triple the size of a giraffe

-       Abigail



Abigail's Sustainability Challenge

Abigail's Carrots
Half way through the first term, I remembered I had some carrot seeds in my bag. I told Mrs Wong - she said to get them and we could plant them. The same afternoon, Marcus and I went outside the classroom to plant the seeds. Then we had to wait 7-14 days for them to grow, but we waited WAY longer! Now they are nearly ready to eat. I hope we make carrot cake like Mrs Wong said in reading time. 


For the last few weeks we have been working on a project about sustainability. Lots of people have done worm farms.
Tom planted some carrots and spinach at his grandma's house.
George has made an organic insect and weed control.
Some people have made compost bins. Some people have planted flowers and vegies. As a class we have planted lettuce, rocket, carrots and spinach. Last year,  Mrs Wong's class planted tomatoes and pumpkin.                    

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rosemary's Newsletter for Term 2 - Week 3

Room 7 – Whanau Whitu.
Havelock North Primary.

 19. May, 2013

Term 2 – Week 3

 Tena koutou katoa –
Hello everybody.

 Our Senior Team writing venture began last week amid much excitement. The students are enjoying the chance to work with their peers from other classrooms and also with a different teacher.

Laura and I had the pleasure of attending a gymnastic championship at the Hastings Central School gym on Saturday. We were there as part of the support group for Harriet Coyle. Harriet is a most competent gymnast and has achieved high gradings at both local and national level in her chosen sport. I was amazed at the ability shown by the young folk competing – but especially (of course), by our own Harriet. Tino pai, Harriet!

Laura took both videos and photos of Harriet which we shall publish on the blog tomorrow.

I have had correspondence with several parents in the last week regarding homework tasks.
During the school week, the students in Whanau Whitu are expected to:
v Learn their spelling list –
 To help you help them… I shall attach the spelling list to this newsletter!
v Read each evening – at least three times a week to somebody who is a better reader than they are
v Revise/learn the set multiplication table and/or its corresponding division facts
v Carry through any further research or extra revision as specified by the teacher

I am proud to introduce you to the recipients of the Principal’s Award for Whanau Whitu so far this year. Each student has shown one of the values of our school in some way.

 They are:

      Kate, Macy, Chloe, Georgia, Sophia,
George, Aidan, Quintin, David.

 We congratulate them all.

I have found the photos of the students beginning to plant out our garden. If you have visited school lately, you will know how much these plants have grown!

This week:

 Maths will continue to focus on aspects of measurement. The multiplication table to be learned or reviewed this week is the 6x. The students should be able to recognise within the table where their knowledge of the 2x, 3x, 10x fit in.

Once your child has mastered this, please extend them by asking them to work on the corresponding division facts.

Eg 6 x 4 = 24, so how many 6s are in 24???

 Reading will be focussing on the students’ ability to:

š Choose texts to read on their own

š Use these texts to read for longer periods of time.

 Writing will be based around surface features – in particular, the use of commas.

 The spelling list this week is again based on suffixes. However, on Monday, I shall be retesting last week’s list for all of those students who did not achieve success on Friday……….

Online learning:

I have been pleased to hear that many of you have been introduced to your child’s writing online within their Google Drive folder. If they have not done this with you, please remind them of their tutoring session this week!


 Our class blog is also up and running for you to join and share with us.


Mrs O’Leary distributed the latest Scholastic NZ booklets last week. These are available for you to purchase from IF YOU WISH TO DO SO. They are not compulsory – in fact, I often tell my classes that they should be using their pocket money or birthday money to purchase books which they find of interest.

If you do purchase, the amount is totalled for the school and a percentage is returned to the school for further purchases for our library.

Cash and cheques are acceptable forms of payment, however, we do ask that all cheques are made out to Havelock North Primary  as they are then put through our system ensuring honesty and clarity for all concerned.
Please feel free to make contact with me at any stage if you wish to discuss your child, their learning or their socialising at school. You all have the school telephone number and my email address.
I also enjoy hearing about events and/or activities which the students are achieving in.

Take care.
Kind regards,


- Rosemary Wong                                   
Teacher - Room 7
Havelock North Primary School
9 Campbell Street
Havelock North 4130                 Telephone:  06 877 8788