Monday, November 26, 2012

Room 7 principal's award boy (Brodie KoKo)

Room 7's Principal's award recipient for Week 5 is ...
Brodie Koko 

Brodie tells us that he earned the award ....
"Because I was being nice to people in this class
and being a good team member and helpful to the teachers and my friends."

Room 7 principal's award (Rebecca Buckley)

Well done to our Room 7 principal's award recipient for Week 6:
Rebecca Buckley  

Rebecca explained why she had received her award ....

"Because I'm really helpful
in the morning and classroom and 
I present a high standard in my work."

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Principal Awards for Week 4

             Principal Awards for Week 4, Term 4
Ilaria Linter-Levick
received her award for her hard work in achieving her goals. Ilaria has progressively set higher personal standards in all of her work this year and worked conscientiously until she achieved them.

Jack Tylee-Jones
received his award for his bravery when injured on the way to school. He acted sensibly when offered help by an adult, who then contacted his mother to let her know what had happened. Although Jack was left with a bruised and swollen eye, he continued to work throughout the day.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Cricket Game

Yesterday (5-11-12), Georgia, Flora, Issy,Tessa, Ruby, Nikita and Anabelle, went to Napier and and played in a Hawkes Bay girls' cricket tournament.
We represented Havelock North Primary's cricket teams and played 5 games.
In the first game, Tessa bowled a hat trick.
In the second game, Ruby and Nikita got 3 outs; but Ruby got a run out and a catch and Nikita got a run out.
Issy got some really good catches .
With Daisy's great batting skills, she scored our team a 4 and 20 extra points for not hitting the wickets.
We won that game against Te Mata Hurricanes. They were hard to beat but we got there! It was a close game.
The last team we played were hard to beat. We only won by 8 runs but we came back with really good results....
We won the tournament  -  yay!