Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Book fair

The book fair was cool

Our book to share

From the book fair Mrs Wong got this incredibly funny book called THE DRAGONS.   We have been reading it in class we love it

Grandad Peter's Memories

Max's grandad came in to Whanau Whitu and told us about his memories. He told us about primer 1 at boulcott primary in 1938, Whanau Whitu got a bit comfoused when Peter said primer 1 because today (2012) in New Zealand we call it years or grades but at Havelock North Primary school we call it years. He (Peter) told us about rationing you would probable ask what rationing is, for a example  if you went to the super market on Monday and and bought some food and came back on Friday you would not be able to get some more food.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grandad Johns memories

Grandad John's memories.
John told us about his childhood, he did fun stuff like ,running along the ginnel wall and looking for old wheels, wooden planks, metal plats and other
rubbish to make cool carts to zooom down the hill but when it broke they just put what ever fell of and do it again,when John did it he broke his leg and the bone poped out of the skin eeewwww.
Since he was borne after the war ended Bermandsey & London got bombed while the war was on, so there was metal everywhere and John use to jet on his bike and go find metal to sell because people bought metal, but if you found pictures you had to take them into the local police station... 
He must of had fun then!!!

Isabelle Forbes

Monday, May 21, 2012

Principal's Award for 18-05

Alex Elliott
earned the Principal's Award this week. Alex is now more prepared to give everything a go in a positive manner. 
Although Alex is new to our school just this year, he has shown that he has a great sense of humour and is now sharing that with us. 
At first, Alex was worried that he had to get everything right/correct in all that he did at school - now he is one of the first to try something new. 

Well done, Tin-Tin - tino pai!  Keep it up.

Principal's Award - 11-05

Bella Ireland
was the recipient of the Principal's Award for this week.  She is a competent e-learner who retains the knowledge and skills which she has been taught. She is a patient tutorfor others (of all ages) with whom she shares her knowledge. Bella is always prepared to learn something new and enjoys the challenge this provides.
Great work, Bella!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Georgina won first place

At the recent Easter Competitions, Georgina won first place in National Character dancing. We are very proud of her place achieved through much hard work and many hours of practice.

Principal's Award for 04-05-2012

Ruby Roberts
was presented with the Principal's Award on Friday. 

She is an enthusiastic learner and helps others(of all ages) to learn, too.

We enjoy having Ruby in Whanau Whitu because she always helps us to see the sunny side of situations.