Friday, March 30, 2012

This is my cat Angela and Cinnamon my rabbit.


This is my other rabbit that died its name was Floss



By Bella


 Whanau whitu's principals award winner this week is Charlotte Bate

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kiora everyone!
Holidays are near but I think we should keep working hard in class and then we can enjoy ourselves when holidays come! Lets also help our teacher Mrs Wong and help each other too.
Thank you, Peti

Hi Everyone its Max again. Here are a few things about me.

I am 9 and I have lots of afterschool activities. I do swimming, play guitar, do taekwondoe play scoccer.
I also play canoe polo for our school. We play at flaxmere pool on Saturday afternoons. I enjoy all these things. I also like to play with my friends. I have aMum and a Dad and a little sister she is almost 4. Her name is Mischa.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Term 1, Week 8 - Our Writing

  I mentioned in my newsletter to you all last week that we would be utilising the writing talent of I quoted that I would be using some of the writers and their work from Leprechaun Icecream. We did, but found a writer of depth and interest who used an original format for sharing her thoughts with her readers. 

 This has been Dame Katarina Mataira. 
 We have researched Dame Katarina and found out much about her life and beliefs. Her style of writing has been fascinating and we have been analysing how she alters her writing style for the audience which she is trying to reach. 

 During our Literacy in the last week, we have been using Dame Katarina’s story of The Warrior Mountains. We have pulled apart the writing style and using it as our format, we have produced some stories/retellings of our own.

 I am proud to present some of these with you – not all of the retellings and not all of the children – but I am hoping that all will publish their work in entirety either on to our blog or to share on our writing wall. 

Here are the first stages of the original story. When we worked together – as a class, with buddies or individually, the underlined words were substituted to make the retelling become the writer’s own. 

The Warrior Mountains - Katerina Mataira 

 Long ago… in a magic time 
When mountains walked and talked 
There were four warrior mountains 
Putauaki, Tauhara, Taranaki and Tongariro 

 They were boisterous mountains 
Always bickering 
Always boasting 
And always ready for a fight 

 Close by… 
Wrapped in her cloaks of flax and fern 
Was the gentle maid mountain 

Pihanga was so beautiful 
All the warrior mountains loved her 

She had grown up with them 
Had played with them 
And had shared her secrets with all of them 

Now… each of the warrior mountains 
Secretly wished 
That Pihanga was his alone 

 Of course, as in any good legend or tale, there had to be a challenge or two and a good battle waged between the suitors….. This is where the children’s imaginations took fire!

Oak crept up to Pohutukawa and whispered something in her ear. Would you come on a wonderful journey with me?
Hmmm, I’ll think about it, replied Pohukawa….

The next day, Palm came over to Ngaio and said, I am handsome. I am the strongest. Will you be my wife?
Every time she came back with the same reply: “Maybe…”

Eel went over to Scale after he had snuck away from the Clown Fish gang.
He said, You’re so beautiful and I’m very strong. Will you be my wife?
But Scale said, Hmmm. I’ll think about it.

When Lacie replied “Hmmmmm…. I might,” Leaf said, “We shall have a fight and find whoever is the mightiest, strongest and bravest of all.”
So they agreed and the great battle started.
Leaves were falling and sticks were snapping.
Day turned to night, night turned to day.
But the battle raged on.

It was St Helen’s turn… it was the biggest explosion yet!
Trouble was, that it was so big, it blew the tip of the top of his head right off!

They fought.
Stop! said Rocky Road. I am leaving.
The others kept fighting.
Then Rock Star picked up the tallest tree and smashed it onto Rock’n’Roll!
Stop! Stop!

When almost all the birds were on their last breath, they saw the shadow of Hera and the glow of the moonlight.
Frank rushed in first.
Finally! I am the bravest. I am the cleverest. I am the most handsome, and, of course, the fastest bird in all the land!

Your homework….
Ask what occurs in both the story retold by Dame Katarina AND also in your child’s version.

Enjoy!!! I do hope that you have enjoyed some portions of the children’s writing.
Aren’t they great authors!! The word pictures which they are creating for us are exciting and colourful.
hi my name is Max

.....and I am one of Mrs Wong's helpful nerds or troubleshooters! I help her and other people when they need my help. :)     
Thanks, Max-in-a-million!

.Hi my name is Peti-i-te-rangi and i have curly hair also

I have a 15 year old brother called Kawakawa.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Newsletter - Week 8

Room 7 – Whanau Whitu,
Havelock North Primary.
18 - 03

Week 8

Hello everybody. Tena koutou.

What amazing weather we have had this weekend! Fingers crossed for a few more days like that before we have to face the reality of autumn and the season which follows….

It was a great numeracy course on Friday – highlighting the need for the children to have a firm knowledge of the basic facts before they attempt extending their addition and subtraction skills. Dinah Harvey taught us some variations for number practice using tried and true methods with a new twist!! It was also good to be able to share ideas and experiences with teachers from a variety of schools around Hawkes Bay.

This week, we have an exciting performance coming to the school. On Wednesday morning, the local group-
Kahurangi NZ Maori Dance Theatre
will be performing some of the local legends in both song and dance. They are an amazing group who have travelled through the continents sharing their expertise, talent and messages with the people of many cultures.
We are fortunate to have engaged them to take workshops with the children of the Middle and Senior teams wherein they will learn some te reo, some games and some of the tikanga associated with the reason for the skills involved in the games.
The cost for this will be met through your school donation.
There is a website which you may be interested in accessing which will tell you more about this group:

The main notices for you this week:-

We are continuing to persist with building on the children’s knowledge and skills associated with addition and subtraction at their stage of understanding.

We shall continue to use examples of good writing to enhance our own writing styles and skills. This week, we shall be focussing on the use of alliteration (Lulu likes licking lime lollies…) and lists ( He jumped, he kicked, he shouted, he yelled….) as shared through writing from Leprechaun Icecream, a book of writing by New Zealand children.

As I was out of the school on Friday, I do not have any examples of the children’s work to share with you this week.

Please feel free to make contact with me through one of the email addresses listed below or at school if you have any worries or queries. It is always easier to talk and work together for your child.

Enjoy your week and take care,

 - Rosemary Wong
Teacher - Room 7


Havelock North Primary School
9 Campbell Street
Havelock North 4130

 06 877 8788         

Here is the first video which I have managed to make using animoto. It is a video of some activities at camp.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finally - here we are!!!

Finally - here we are!
All members of the whanau here on the same day!

Our Whanau Whitu Orchestra

Joe - our guitarist

Isabelle plays the guitar for us.

James plays his acoustic guitar...

Ilaria and Isabelle jam along together...

Ruby is learning the flute....

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Room 7 – Whanau Whitu, 
Havelock North Primary.

Week 7

Hello everybody. Tena koutou.

I hope that you have all enjoyed the weekend, spending time with your families.  I was in Wellington this weekend with another set of grandchildren. The weather on Saturday was just stunning and allowed us to have some great walks with the puppy.

I shall be out of the classroom this Friday. I shall be attending a further numeracy course in Napier. At this stage, I am unsure of whom my reliever will be, but I shall let you know when I find out.

My thanks to you all for enabling your child to register with sumdog. The enthusiasm and positive attitude shown by the children has been just as Mrs McNeill told me it would. I now have my grandies registered and am trying (unsuccessfully) to keep ahead of them!
However, they do need to keep up with the Mathletics tasks which have been set for them to complete weekly. These are further practise or review on topics covered.

We have decided to review the manner in which the children record their homework. The clearfile plus notebook seem to be causing a few problems for many. Hence they have discussed this and decided to use an exercise book with everything recorded within that. Hopefully, this will cause less hassles for the children – and you.

The main notices for you this week:-


Monday, 12. March: 7:30pm
Home and School Meeting in the staffroom.
You are all most cordially invited to attend the meeting this week to find out what this committee is all about. Although it is the AGM this week, please don’t let that put you off – your voice/opinion/help is important to us all. This is what makes the H&Sch into such a great team.

We are continuing to persist with gaining mastery of basic facts in both addition and subtraction which should led to the understanding of
Ø  families of facts: 4 + 5 = 9, 5+4 = 9, 9-4=5, 9-5=4  (remember these?)
Ø  groupings of numbers to 20, 50, 100 and above
Ø  number bonds:    6 + 4 = 10  ~   24 + 76 = 100  ~  79 + 21 = 100    ~   564 + 436 = 1,000
Once mastery of this has been achieved, addition and subtraction of two, three and four digit numbers should become more within their understanding and enable them to take this knowledge further.

We have been concentrating our writing around areas of understanding the techniques used by good writers. This was an aspect of writing/reading which Mrs Rita Palmer worked with the Senior Team teachers on. Through this, the children are encouraged to consider and isolate what the techniques are which a writer has used to give information. The children are then enabling themselves to use the same methods.

We have also been considering the construction and main aspects of a story. We have been working to summarise a story into three main sentences – yet still using interesting vocabulary, hooks, etc.

The story upon which this work is based is The Sign of the Seahorse by Graeme Base. He is an English-born Australian writer and illustrator of great talent. Ask your child to fill you in on the missing details!

Some examples of the children’s work are here for you to enjoy:

The darkness rippled over the seahorses. They vanished overnight.

Drip, drip, drip goes the pollution, while the Catfish Gang are eating at the café. Chocolate fish! Yummy!

Darkness is upon us! The seahorses ran as fast as they could, leaving Reeftown behind …going somewhere they had never gone before … looking for a place to hide.
With this crisis Reeftown is tense, poison has spread and the Groper (the meanest fish in town) wants the town café for one dollar.

The seahorses all disappeared because… the barrels of slimy oil made pollution.
“Where have they all gone?” the Groper whispered. He found it hard to see through the dark black ripples.

Finally, I would like to share with you a poem which Isabelle has been working on at home. She has redrafted it several times and is now happy for it to be published.

Te Ao Tawhito                       - The Old World

Papatuanuku is a green and blue blanket that nature grows on
The air is the part we breathe in and out
with the birds gliding and fluttering around
Ranginui has a multi-coloured korowai
That shows his feelings day and night.

Please feel free to make contact with me through one of the email addresses listed below or at school if you have any worries or queries. It is always easier to talk and work together for your child.

Enjoy your week and take care,

 - Rosemary Wong
Teacher - Room 7


Havelock North Primary School
9 Campbell Street
Havelock North 4130

 06 877 8788       

Rafting - white water - rapids - exciting stuff!

The river was at a perfect level and speed for us to enjoy our rafting experiences.
Mrs Wong and Alex went TWICE!! YAHOOO!!!!

Floating down the river on a sunny afternoon!
As spotted by Robyn - Harper's Mum.


We all learned how to draw a bow and arrow.
We aimed for the bull's eye and some of us were successful!!

"BUT ... we did NOT shoot any rabbits!!!" admitted Mavi with a big grin.

Horse Riding and caring for horses

We had to learn to care for the horses before we rode them.
This gave both the horse and us a time to get to know each other.

Each of us (except for Alex and Mrs Wong) went riding along the paths stretching all over the camping area. 

We were accompanied by the trained staff of Mountain Valley and by our parent helpers. We were spoiled as we rode - the adults had to walk alongside... :)

Mountain Valley Camp

We all had an amazing time at Mountain Valley.
We learned lots, attempted new experiences and made new friends.