Monday, November 26, 2012

Room 7 principal's award boy (Brodie KoKo)

Room 7's Principal's award recipient for Week 5 is ...
Brodie Koko 

Brodie tells us that he earned the award ....
"Because I was being nice to people in this class
and being a good team member and helpful to the teachers and my friends."

Room 7 principal's award (Rebecca Buckley)

Well done to our Room 7 principal's award recipient for Week 6:
Rebecca Buckley  

Rebecca explained why she had received her award ....

"Because I'm really helpful
in the morning and classroom and 
I present a high standard in my work."

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Principal Awards for Week 4

             Principal Awards for Week 4, Term 4
Ilaria Linter-Levick
received her award for her hard work in achieving her goals. Ilaria has progressively set higher personal standards in all of her work this year and worked conscientiously until she achieved them.

Jack Tylee-Jones
received his award for his bravery when injured on the way to school. He acted sensibly when offered help by an adult, who then contacted his mother to let her know what had happened. Although Jack was left with a bruised and swollen eye, he continued to work throughout the day.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Cricket Game

Yesterday (5-11-12), Georgia, Flora, Issy,Tessa, Ruby, Nikita and Anabelle, went to Napier and and played in a Hawkes Bay girls' cricket tournament.
We represented Havelock North Primary's cricket teams and played 5 games.
In the first game, Tessa bowled a hat trick.
In the second game, Ruby and Nikita got 3 outs; but Ruby got a run out and a catch and Nikita got a run out.
Issy got some really good catches .
With Daisy's great batting skills, she scored our team a 4 and 20 extra points for not hitting the wickets.
We won that game against Te Mata Hurricanes. They were hard to beat but we got there! It was a close game.
The last team we played were hard to beat. We only won by 8 runs but we came back with really good results....
We won the tournament  -  yay!


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chess Tournament

The chess tournament

Alex, Guy and James from room 7 went to the chess - it took place at Hastings Sports Centre.
We left at 8.00 and came back at 2.45. 
When it is your turn, you go down the stairs and into the playing area.  You start your game when the buzzer goes.   We all played lots of games. Some of us won our games and some of us didn't.
Mrs Field came with us - thanks, Mrs Field.

- Alex and Max

Whanau Whitu goes swimming!


Every Wednesday and Friday we go somewhere fun.... SWIMMING!
We are all split up into different groups: Group 1, 2 and 3. 
I'm in group 2 and we are learning backstroke, freestyle, swimming with a board and more.
The other groups are learning something similar. 
But all together, we are all learning how to swim and that's the best part about it!
I hope you enjoyed hearing about our swimming!!!!
                                               ~ Emmalee

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Rex Graham Cup

Mrs Field sharing the HNP victory
with Rex Graham
and his daughter, Lily.
On Tuesday, 4. September, HNP played against Te Mata in the annual competition for the Rex Graham Cup. The four winter sporting codes were contested: hockey, soccer, netball and rugby.

HNP won!!!
Te Mata won the hockey, but we won the other three sporting codes.   

There are two photopeach presentations on our site for you to watch. 

If you make a comment on the work, please remember to keep it positive so that we can learn more.   :-)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Cross Country Run

SMASH! goes the clappers.

I'm going to need to sprint my heart out tomorrow and it's going to be a loooonnnngggg day.

Today, at 12:20pm, Room 7 and all the Year 4s to 6s will be sitting in lines ready to be told to go. I'll be...sprinting and walking, running and jogging.

It's going to be hard for me because I've never run three laps around the school block - soooo, I hope Grace, my friends and I do well.

~Isabelle Forbes

The Blue Crystal

The lights were bright. I have to say that I was a bit nervous on the very first night but I got used to the bright lights and even the annoying, scratchy wig. 

My best part was trying on the costumes and dancing in them. Sometimes, we were a bit wobbly in the songs but we got there in the end. 

I will never forget my dance or the other dances like Co-Dot, Planet Nine, Shine Out, Cape, etc... AND all the songs. 

I will miss dancing on the stage in my crazy costume and make-up BUT I will never forget!

~Rebecca Buckley

I smile nervously as I walk into the hall. I spy my Mum as she cheers excitedly. I am REALLY nervous now. 

The lights are bright, real bright. I turn to face the main actors, they are very good!

At the end of the production, I am relieved but it's this again tomorrow...

~Peti-i-te-Rangi Fox-Reo

Monday, September 3, 2012

Origami claws!

Mumu taught us all how to make some origami claws. It was quite a tricky process!
We enjoyed having Mumu in our class and hope that he remembers us now that he is back in China again.

Calendar Art

This year, Whanau Whitu have chosen to take photos of themselves in unusual settings and/or poses around the grounds of HNP.
Their challenge was to find something which would frame their photo and show their personalities...

Here are a few examples of the finished product:

We hope that you enjoy them!

Year 5 Boys' CC Race

This is Max Williams and Gus Andrews on Campbell Street at the start of 

the HNP Cross Country Race.

1st Gus Andrews

2nd Max Williams

Year 5 Girls' CC Race

Emmalee Mills was first equal in the Year Five Girls' race. She will represent us at the Inter-school Races. 
Well done, Emmalee!

Newsletter - Term 3, Week 8

Room 7 / Whanau Whitu.
Havelock North Primary.     


Tena koutou to the whanau, family and friends of Room 7/Whanau Whitu.
Welcome to my newsletter for this week: Term 3 - Week 8

I do hope that you have all enjoyed the fine weather throughout the weekend – and, of course, to those of you who are fathers, I hope that today has been special.

Our Principal’s Award recipient for last week was Amy Heffernan.
Amy earned the award for her creative writing. She has shown a fondness for rhyme and enjoys writing in several different poetic forms. It was also her birthday – a great week, Amy. Well done, Amy. Tino pai!

to Emmalee Mills who was first equal in the Year 5 Girls' Cross Country. She now shares the cup for the rest of the year. It was Emmalee's birthday on Saturday, so this was quite a wek for her, too.

   to Max Williams who was second in his CC race. My computer/ICT tutor and general helper was determined to do well in his race and practised with real effort. Great running, Max!

This week….
The children who have been selected to represent our school in the Rex Graham Cup will be playing hard – but fair – on Tuesday, 4. September. This is the annual sporting fixture against Te Mata School in the winter codes.
There are two venues, so please check exactly where you need to be!
Our representatives will be Joe Ledword in Rugby and Guy Bayly in Soccer. We are proud of their selection and wish them well.
As a class, we shall watch the games to be held here at HNP.

Writing will be focussing on story/memoir writing. We shall also be reviewing the use of story mapping/planning to organise the work.

Reading will continue to be around the book series which your child has chosen. There are accompanying e-activities for all of the series as they were published by Scholastic.  The students have been asked to keep a brief record of the books completed within this period.

We had the enjoyment of being an audience for another play last week.
They are using much more expression and movement now which makes it more enjoyable for the audience. 

Spelling is based around the awareness of doubling consonants after a single vowel.
eg  hop – hopping                            skip - skipped

I have added a website to the children’s lists this week for them to access some fun activities for them to practise this with.       
This is a free website and contains many worksheets which they may enjoy while practising their spelling.

Numeracy is focussing on understanding the similarities between multiplication and division – especially through the use of families of facts.      eg  3 x 4 = 12      12 divided by 3 = 4
This then leads the students on to the understanding of fractions.

The  Mathletics challenge this week is to  complete the section on mulitplication which has been set for them...

My thanks to those of you who came for the Cross Country and helped with co-ordination and safety for the children. Robin Gray and the team send their sincere thanks. The students were proud to have you there and cheering for them, as well.

Our Whanau Whitu sausage sizzle went really well. We raised almost six hundred dollars!
Special thanks must go to Fiona Lanyon, Robyn McLean and Marja Forbes for their barbecuing and co-ordination skills. You did a fine job!
I must also make mention of James Cairns who worked tirelessly cooking sausages for the entire time. He was ably assisted by his ‘kitchen hands’ Ilaria Linter-Levick, Isabelle Forbes, Rose Lanyon and Harper McLean.

As I write/type this newsletter, I have yet to hear the results of our skiiers, Guy and Ruby. As soon as I learn this, I shall email you – hopefully, with photos, as well!

The calendar art was completed on Friday and will be available this week for you to peruse prior to ordering. As grandparents, we always appreciated receiving a calendar with photos of our grandies incorporated into the art. So, with this in mind, the children have created their own photographic record for you! The photos show originality and creativity, and although they were all shot around school, there has been a wide variety of scenes and poses chosen. We do hope that you will enjoy them.
Some of the photography produced by the children for the HNP Photo Competition has been made into a display in our school library. It is really worth taking the time to have a look at the work which our talented young folk are producing. The finalists from all school will be displayed at the Magpie Cluster Digital Learning Expo on 06.September at the Community Centre or within our school library.

We have been fortunate to view a DVD which Eva’s Years 4 and 5 team made at Mount Manganui School, ‘Aladdin’. It proved to be a valuable work for visual language as the class watched and discussed all aspects of the production. Whanua Whitu were able to empathise with and respect the children who were the actors, after their own foray into the thespian world! Thanks, Eva, for sharing this with us.

Kapahaka started last Wednesday with Whaia Marja. We were really surprised but VERY pleased with the number of children from throughout the school who came along. Marja is looking forward to working with these children and helping them to have a further understanding of her culture – our official second language.
If any of you would be able to help Marja by playing the guitar for these sessions, would you please let me know?

Last Thursday, we were very fortunate to have Mrs Rita Palmer talk with interested students about the process of becoming a published author. Rita is the author of Do Dinosaurs play Rugby?

The children who attended were fascinated to hear of her journey, from writing some poems to help young boys in New York City to become switched on to reading – right through to the finished book. The children asked some deep questions and are now more aware of the difficulties of copyright, choice of paper quality, an illustrator’s job, the rights of a writer…

Some writing from the students:
We have been reviewing the ways in which good writers use words.
These are examples of some of the work which they have been doing within their first drafts. Some are based around the Margaret Mahy story, The Moon and Farmer McPhee.

Since the farmer looked at the stars and the moon has had glee in his laugh.
The cow is moooving and groooving, spotty and dotty. The farmer is hopping and bopping, prancing and dancing.

The cow is spotty and black, trotting and clotting. The farmer is fat and small, grumpy and short.

Since he thought that he needed to sleep
Farmer McPhee sany with a bleep.
The cow was moooving and grooving,
Dancing and prancing.
The farmer is lively and jively,
Jumping and bumping….

I’ve been watching an amazing production on DVD. The children have great voices and good expressions. If it’s supposed to be funny – it’s a good thing - because it’s working!

Crash! Bang! Wallop!
Hello, is anyone home? Amy’s Mum said as she knocked on the door.
I ran out like a leopard chasing prey…

Something did happen later that night... 
One by one Buford’s horns fell off.
Then, rain started to pour down, harder than it had ever rained before in that area.

On Saturday, my chick rooster crowed
for the first time.
he wasn’t
very good
at it!

A note now from Toni and Karen of the IT Team:

Magpie ICT Cluster Expo

On Thursday 6th September 2012 there will be an ICT expo held at the Havelock North Community Centre (Magdalinos Room) from 10am - 6pm. The purpose of the Expo is to celebrate the e-learning that has occurred during the past three years that HNP have been part of the Magpie ICT Cluster. The Magpie Cluster consists of six local schools (Te Mata Primary, Parkvale, Mahora, Mayfair and Frimley).

There will be teachers and students running workshops throughout the day from the Magpie Cluster. We will be taking the Digikids and some children from Rooms 4 and K4 to run these workshops.

Children from HNP will be visiting the expo during the afternoon. We would encourage you, your family and friends to come along and participate in this event to support our school as this is an opportunity for you to see what e-learning looks like in the classroom.

Hope to see you there!

Please remember to email me or ring me at school if you have any worries, queries or concerns. Remember that it’s better if we’re all working together for your child.

Take care,

PS I'm sorry, but several of the photographs which were used in the newsletter have not transferred across to our blog. We'll try through other means!                   

~ Rosemary Wong ~
Senior Teacher - Room 7
Havelock North Primary
9. Campbell Street, Havelock North - 4130
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Blue Crystal

Please follow this link to access some of the photos which were taken before, during and after our production.

Sincere thanks to Andrew Baker for his expertise and kindness in sharing these.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This term, we have been finding out about several authors who are also illustrators.
The main people we have looked at are Dr Seuss, Lynley Dodd and Bill Peet.
We have both written and drawn in  their styles while thoroughly enjoying their books.

Included here are three pieces of writing about Mr Pete, our caretaker. We shared these with him as we wanted Pete to know how much we value him at HNP.

I saw Pete
in the morning
the big rush
in the drop off,
talking to people
and children
getting cold
and wet,
for the bell
to ring.
He opens
the door
and talks
to Percy.
-    Joe

This morning,
spied Pete
in the rain,
when she
at school.
of the
she said
to her
as Pete
gave her
a smile,
a wave
and a
for a
I saw
an umbrella,
helping at the
drop off zone.
He was
a hat
the umbrella.
He was


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lazy Lucy

Inspired by Lynley Dodd

Lazy Lucy
felt lucky and scared,
marvellous and mysterious
and haunted and happy.
She wanted to eat.
She wanted to snooze.
But the MAIN thing she wanted
was somewhere
Written by Linda Gee

Grace Giraffe

                      Grace Giraffe
                                 inspired by Lynley Dodd

Grace Giraffe
felt good and graceful
goofy and gay
and giggly and grabby
She wanted to go
she wanted to glide
But the MAIN thing she wanted
was something

Written By
Isabelle Forbes
Inspired by
Linley Dodd

Friday, June 1, 2012

Larah's hobbies

Hi my name is Larah I am 10 years old and I love horse riding, gymnastics and baking.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Book fair

The book fair was cool

Our book to share

From the book fair Mrs Wong got this incredibly funny book called THE DRAGONS.   We have been reading it in class we love it